Project N2 follows in the footsteps of project N1, our Duratec converted S1 Motorsport Elise. Project N2 is based on a Toyota engined Lotus chassis, and is a ground up build to showcase Nitron’s products, but also to demonstrate our depth of understanding of Lotus products.

Project N2 will aim to be the quickest production Lotus Exige ever made, and not only have we selected the very best components for the car to enable us to do this, we will also apply all of our resources to make this package work properly as race cars should. We will have a full set of data-logging permanently fitted to the car, and using the top level MoTec analysis software and our other testing equipment we will be able to hone this car to perfection.

The car will be essentially a GT car for endurance racing, but will be devastatingly quick even on a short sprint race. Once completed we will take the car to the US and Japan to visit all the most famous tracks and demonstrate our engineering prowess and the range of Nitron parts from which the car has been made.

The following specification is not exhaustive but gives a good idea of the very high standard the car will be prepared to.


Lotus Exige S GT3 race

Standard chassis
Modified rear subframe
Full carbon body with widened and raised arches
Quick release front and rear clam

Front splitter with diffuser
Side skirts incorporating diffusers
Full undertray front to back
Rear full length diffuser
Extra wide curved rear wing

Toyota 1.8 2ZZ-GE
Low compression forged pistons
Forged steel con rods
Full race cams
Dry sump oil system
TVS supercharger
2.1kg full race flywheel
5.5” twin plate race clutch
Laminova oil cooler
In excess of 400 bhp

ATL 70 litre bag tank
Single dry break filler with Staubli breather
Bosch 044 pressure pump
Fuel Lab filter and pressure regulator

Sadev ST90-14 6 speed sequential straight cut dog engaged gearbox
Cooling and filtration circuit with Laminova oil cooler
Sadev LSD
Geartronics paddle shift closed loop system
Nitron bellhousing adapter
Tripode driveshaft assemblies

Alcon 304x25mm discs front and rear
Nitron aluminium bells with titanium bobbin drive
AP 4-pot calipers front and rear
Nitron pedals, balance bar with dual master cylinders
Dash mounted balance bar control knob
Goodridge dash 3 Carboline brake lines with swaged fittings

Nitron 46mm 3-way Race Pro shocks
Hydraulically adjustable front ride height
Nitron uprights
Nitron T45 full bearing wide track wishbones
Nitron FIA centre-lock wheel nut system
Front wheels 8×17”, rear wheels 9×17”
2.2 turns lock-to-lock Nitron steering rack

MoTec M400 ECU with launch control, traction control, fly-by-wire etc.
MoTec Dash will full logging
MoTec PDM 30 programmable control system
MoTec SLM (shift light module)
Geartronics GCU
Full motorsport wiring harness
Electrically heated front screen
Full HID light system
Varley Red-Top 30 race battery
Armtech hybrid electrical isolator

Safety Devices custom built 1-piece roll cage
Mog Racing full carbon seat
Staubli / Krontec airjack system with Nitron airjack mounts
Ultralight aramid (Kevlar) airjack hose with swaged alloy fittings
Sabelt 6 point Hans harness
Lifeline 2.25 litre electric fire extinguisher

Expected all-up weight 750kg
Max speed (geared) 170mph (275km/h)

  1. Beautiful. Well written also. Made me smile seeing you using the heated windshield technology like what Gordon Murray resourced/found for the F1. I am very much looking forward to reading all you have shared/documented . Well done !

    I am in the process of purchasing a late model S2 Exige . Your suspension and many other parts will find a home soon.

    My business is selling Hi Tech Aviation grade wire , cable and sleeving.

  1. June 30th, 2011

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