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That’s one sexy carbon dash…

Good things come to those who wait… It was back in May when we sent out our dash model to be moulded, and last night; it walked in the door! With a little bit of drilling and finishing, it fits like a glove!

Naturally I had to start fitting it yesterday late into the night, we needed to see what it was going to look like!
Finishing touches today and she’s all fixed in place! Big thanks to my little brother ‘Canadian work experience apprentice Sebastian Britnell’ for coming over during his ‘march break’ from college. All of his hard work spent cutting and sanding and moulding has finally paid off!

Enjoy the pictures, and stay tuned for more updates… A beauty custom wiring loom is soon to come!







Final dash design

While waiting for the most recent order of fittings, there was finally time to give the interior of the N2 some attention.
Since the electrical system is soon to be in the planning and design stage, a final dashboard design needed to be decided upon.

Here we have a mock up of the dash base; made from cardboard, hot-melt glue, and handy-dandy duct tape (Canadian to “English” translation… gaffa tape). The mock up helps visualize the final lengths, angles, and radii. A center console is now being created as a “GT3” extra to accommodate for the Motorsport related switches and toggles.¬†From here, a final model will be constructed, moulded, and laid-up in carbon fiber.

This dash has been designed to fit not only GT3, but ALL Lotus S2 chassis. And yes; they, along with all other composite components constructed for this project will be available to Elise enthusiast around the world!







Interior coming along

The interior is coming along well, the prepreg carbon fiber side panels are finished and will soon be fitted once the dash board is finally in place.

A mock dash unit has been made up and test fitted, and some carbon sill covers with traction tape have been set in place.





Motec display

Dash pod and Motec display installed!


Carbon Dash Design

The design of the unique and complex dash is under way.

Closely matching the process used to produce the bulkhead, stage one is to build the rough dimensions in cardboard.  This freeform method of construction allows us to really get a feel for space, ergonomics and access before committing to a full carbon installation.