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Front caliper mounts

So our caliper mounts have returned from Jamestan engineering. Beautiful CNC work! These babies should take all the load our brakes are going to throw at them… Especially with the titanium shear pins being used!!

I must say… Clearance is tight but existent. But lets face it… How sweet is a 330mm disc and some AP 6 pot calipers under a 16″ RIM!!!???




Mocking up 330mm front disc brakes

Well, since its time to get going on the wishbone design; we need to determine the clearances around the uprights and brake components.
So before we order a 330mm disc, I’m cutting out a mock disc to check for clearance.

Can’t beat Makita!! Trusted build tools for project N2!!








Check these babies out! Brand spanking new Progressive AP 6-pot calipers for the fronts and progressive 4-pot calipers for the rears.

These should stop the car nicely!

Stay tuned for the custom floating discs and bells!






At last we have finally worked out how to use the existing pedal box housing and fit an adjustable balance bar.  The problem has been the ‘drive-by-wire’ throttle which has a bulky mechanism and gets in the way of the balance bar system.

Using 3 separate short master cylinders with their own reservoirs, these are all bolted to a machined mounting block.  Inside the pedal box, we have new custom brake and clutch pedals to fit the adjuster mechanism and its drive cable.

We can now plumb the brakes directly to the front and rear circuits using dash 3 lines, without the ABS or the servo.  We are looking into the Bosch Motorsport ABS system but at this stage it is looking a little pricey!  The road car based system fitted to the car as standard will not cope with the tyre slip percentages that highly aero-loaded slicks can reach.

The brakes at the front are now cooled by 51mm bore silicone hose which is fed by a inlet in the front radiator intake.  The centre of the upright machining is ‘spooled’ to allow the cool air to flow to the inside of the disc vanes via a carbon duct.

At the rear we have revised the uprights to move the calipers to the front side of the upright , allowing a handbrake caliper to be fitted to the rear if required.  Moving the weight of the caliper forward also improves the polar moment of inertia.

We will fit 304mm discs all round and 4 pot calipers at the rear too due to the rearward weight distribution.