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Rear side scoops mounted

FINALLY BACK TO WORK! Sorry it’s taken so long to update but with vacations, North America trips, and other shop duties… There hasn’t been much time to blog!

So, the side pods have been mounted solidly into place. A series of aluminum riv-nuts have been drilled and fastened into various chassis/ body panels to secure down the side scoops. The inner arches have been fastened down with 1.5mm thick aluminum panels which also double as stone guards for the rear air jacks.

Notice the side scoops are quite prominent compared to the original scoops… Back around January time, we sculpted larger scoops and moulded them in carbon fiber. This was all done to increase air flow into the engine bay for both the oil cooler and the engine air intake. The fact that they’re now roughly 25% lighter and way stronger doesn’t hurt either ;).

Stay posted for further updates… They’re right around the corner!!! 20120926-143445.jpg20120926-143455.jpg




Further bulk-head modifications

As one examines a certain Exige GT3 engine bay with the intent to plan the fluid passage-ways, one may find one’s self slightly stumped by the obnoxious and inconveniently located original Exige inner rear side panels. Said panels obstruct a vast amount of potential air flow from our modified GT3 side scoops; therefore making the location of the air intake, oil cooler, etc. quite obscure and inconvenient.
Yes it has been recognize that said panels do add some structural rigidity to the bulkhead and side pods, however after months if not YEARS of consideration, bickering, and heated argument…  THEY HAVE BEEN CUT OFF!!!

…..And then; the remaining sections where  reinforced by bonding carbon-Kevlar panels in place.

Now; we can plumb, duct, and mount to our hearts content!

Have a look at the pics and let us know what you think!!!

Front body aligned!

Right, well it’s been a while since our last blog update. Lots has been going on and plenty of new parts have arrived, so it’s time to get everyone up to speed.

With the front side pods back from composites in their carbon fiber form, we got them fitted to the car so we could start aligning panels. After hours of grunting, groaning, heat guns, gaffa tape, and a few casual knee’s/ punches/ shoves, and kicks to the body work… The front body panels are finally lined up to satisfaction. With that done, we started mounting the front clam.


The aero catch mounts for the front of the front clam have been provisionally mounted in place (soon to be permanently bonded to the splitter), and the the side catch mounts are in the works. Check back in tomorrow, but for now… Enjoy the pics!

Time to mount the bodywork!

Our parts are back from composites, and we’re now starting to design things around the shape of the clams. So it only seemed logical to finally set them in place and mount the aero catch pins.


It’s finally starting to look like a race car!