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Carbon Engine Hatch

Courtesy of Mr. Dale Edmonds; our new carbon fiber engine bay hatch has just arrived.
The hatch has been moulded without any of the mesh vents that a standard Exige comes with; to induce superior air flow over the top of the car.

Foam core has been integrated into the part to increase the strength and rigidity.

What does everyone think?






Rear clam mounted

The rear clam is on the car!!!

Finally dove in head first into getting the rear clam on the car. In order to keep clear of any exhaust manifolds spoiler mounts, oil coolers etc. it was deemed necessary to keep the body mounts up high and out of the way.

Using some t45 tubing, body mounts were TIG welded in place; intertwining the rear roll cage and mounting points. They’re nice and stiff so they can be used to mount other brackets such as spoiler mounts etc.







Firewall modification

As we’re now at the stage of fitting the rear clam, certain “standard lotus” body components seem to be affecting the clam alignment.

So instead of cutting EVEN MORE of our lovely carbon clam away, we opted to modify the rear firewall/ side sills so that the clam slid on nicely and also maintained a barrier between the cockpit and engine bay.


Carbon Fiber Rear Clam!!!

Seeing as we have a weight target of 780KG’s for the entire car, we decided to replace our glass fiber rear clam with a Carbon rear clam to keep the weight down.

We where able to track down a genuine Carbon Exige GT3  rear clam and I must say… Not only is this puppy light, but it’s a work of art. All of the fibre orientations and core materials are configured to keep the clam as stiff and strong as possible.

And since we had a genuine Exige, glass fiber GT3, and CF GT3 rear clams all at the shop… Naturally the first thing we did was, WEIGH THEM!!!

Origional Exige>> 24.3KG

GF GT3>> 16KG

CF GT3>> 8KG

Enjoy the pics.