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Front diffuser

Well we’re back on the Project N2 build, finally with a goal not to stop until she’s finished! Sorry to our followers, but its been a busy summer and we haven’t had much time to make progress on the build.

As an opener to the new ‘build season’, what better than to show the most recent progress made on the front of the car!

The design of the mounting points of the front diffuser has been re-visited and re-designed. Instead of bolting straight through the diffuser, we opted to bond on some aluminum panels in an effort to distribute the load of the support straps over a wider surface area. It also allows for a larger mounting surface for other future accessories, and a more sturdy surface for the thread rivets to bite into.
The straps have been custom made to be adjustable in an effort to enable us to trim the splitter for the best possible aerodynamic ground effect.

We hope you enjoy the pictures, and stay tuned… MORE TO FOLLOW!







Front clam side aero-catches

The mounts for the side aero catch pins have been fabricated and are now mounted in-place.

Therefore we can now deem the front clam…


Stay tuned for updates on the mounting of the rear clam and custom side pods!!!




Front body aligned!

Right, well it’s been a while since our last blog update. Lots has been going on and plenty of new parts have arrived, so it’s time to get everyone up to speed.

With the front side pods back from composites in their carbon fiber form, we got them fitted to the car so we could start aligning panels. After hours of grunting, groaning, heat guns, gaffa tape, and a few casual knee’s/ punches/ shoves, and kicks to the body work… The front body panels are finally lined up to satisfaction. With that done, we started mounting the front clam.


The aero catch mounts for the front of the front clam have been provisionally mounted in place (soon to be permanently bonded to the splitter), and the the side catch mounts are in the works. Check back in tomorrow, but for now… Enjoy the pics!


The headlights and fixtures are in place. We set a spare wheel with roughly the correct tyre diameter in place to make sure the fixtures cleared. Sure enough… We have some trimming to do.






Time to mount the bodywork!

Our parts are back from composites, and we’re now starting to design things around the shape of the clams. So it only seemed logical to finally set them in place and mount the aero catch pins.


It’s finally starting to look like a race car!