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Front body aligned!

Right, well it’s been a while since our last blog update. Lots has been going on and plenty of new parts have arrived, so it’s time to get everyone up to speed.

With the front side pods back from composites in their carbon fiber form, we got them fitted to the car so we could start aligning panels. After hours of grunting, groaning, heat guns, gaffa tape, and a few casual knee’s/ punches/ shoves, and kicks to the body work… The front body panels are finally lined up to satisfaction. With that done, we started mounting the front clam.


The aero catch mounts for the front of the front clam have been provisionally mounted in place (soon to be permanently bonded to the splitter), and the the side catch mounts are in the works. Check back in tomorrow, but for now… Enjoy the pics!

Lightening the door hinges

A sneak peak of the door hinges being milled down.


Door hinges

These are the original door hinges. We have weighed them in at 3.6 kg’s. Now for some modification…

How much lighter do you thing we can get?!!