What is Project N2? Well, back in 2004, we decided to build a Motorsport Elise with a 2.3 litre Duratec engine, and got a bit carried away with ourselves. At that time, it turned out to be a bit of a monster, with over 400 hp per tonne with a normally aspirated engine. We raced it, learned a lot, and then finally sold it when we became too busy at work to run it any more.

The Lotus Exige Duratec 2.3L built by Nitron during Project N1

That was Project N1… we now have a new car ready for transformation, Project N2. Over the next year we will transform our new car into a super-modified Elise, changing everything we can to make it go faster on the track, and the road, because it will always remain road-registered, necessary for the Nurburgring. With Project N1, nearly all the parts were one-offs, some of them eventually becoming available through EliseParts in a production format. The difference this time is that we are going to make all the parts available to anyone who wants them, as such they will all be fully productionised.

Our intention is to flex our engineering muscles (and brains!), and come up with the best solutions we can, within reason. These will be serious ‘hard parts’, which will all be worthy of the Nitron name.

Project N2 will be extreme, there is no doubt about that, but how extreme only time will tell. But it will certainly have to be a much bigger step than Project N1 was, as Lotus modifications have come on a bit since we build Project N1

On this Blog is a list of the parts we will work on, and as they are finished they will be listed and available to buy from our online store. We will of course start with the corners where the shocks bolt on, and work outwards into the rest of the car.

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