Front caliper mounts

So our caliper mounts have returned from Jamestan engineering. Beautiful CNC work! These babies should take all the load our brakes are going to throw at them… Especially with the titanium shear pins being used!!

I must say… Clearance is tight but existent. But lets face it… How sweet is a 330mm disc and some AP 6 pot calipers under a 16″ RIM!!!???




  1. Do you have more info on the front wheel hub and steering? Can’t find any 🙂

    • What would you like to know?

      • First of all, how they look when not hidding inside a wheel 🙂
        Are they billet? Just like to see raw parts, its very interesting.

      • Is it the uprights your interested in? The caliper mounts? The bearing hub?

      • Ahh, the uprights and the steering controler-arm.

      • If you look at the categories section; go to suspension. There is a whole pile of photos of everything there.

      • Thanks!
        Keep it up!

      • Alwayse!

  2. are those CP5570 calipers? 330 6pot under that front is pretty amazing

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