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Rear side scoops mounted

FINALLY BACK TO WORK! Sorry it’s taken so long to update but with vacations, North America trips, and other shop duties… There hasn’t been much time to blog!

So, the side pods have been mounted solidly into place. A series of aluminum riv-nuts have been drilled and fastened into various chassis/ body panels to secure down the side scoops. The inner arches have been fastened down with 1.5mm thick aluminum panels which also double as stone guards for the rear air jacks.

Notice the side scoops are quite prominent compared to the original scoops… Back around January time, we sculpted larger scoops and moulded them in carbon fiber. This was all done to increase air flow into the engine bay for both the oil cooler and the engine air intake. The fact that they’re now roughly 25% lighter and way stronger doesn’t hurt either ;).

Stay posted for further updates… They’re right around the corner!!! 20120926-143445.jpg20120926-143455.jpg