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Engine Positioned

The engine has been temporarily positioned so that unique engine mounts can be fabricated, placing the block in the optimum position…


Carbon Dash Design

The design of the unique and complex dash is under way.

Closely matching the process used to produce the bulkhead, stage one is to build the rough dimensions in cardboard.  This freeform method of construction allows us to really get a feel for space, ergonomics and access before committing to a full carbon installation.

GT3 Crashbox

N2’s chassis was factory fitted with the very securely attached standard Exige/Elise composite crash box in faultless condition.  However, to enable the radiators to be orientated at the most efficient angle and run cooler within the restrictive confines of the front clam; N2 will use the aluminium GT3 specification crash structure.

By using the GT3 spec aluminium crashboxN2has lost over 1 KG of weight over the front wheels and gained more substantial splitter and clam mounting opportunities.

Now facing the incoming airflow at 50° and coupled with the planned carbon exhaust louvers to the bonnet, the radiators cooling capacity has been greatly increased.  This is especially important to the N2 project as the high poweredToyotaengine requires carefully controlled engine and inlet temperatures.  The inlet temps will be moderated through the PWR charge cooling system which shares the same airflow as the engine radiator and requires efficient packaging.

Removal of the crash box, it transpires, is neither a simple nor a quick task.

Once the composite box had been removed (and sacrificed in the process) the work of cleaning away the bonding residue continued.

The new GT3 specification aluminium structure has been offered up to the spotless chassis and fitted in accordance with original GT3 fixing points ready for the radiators to be mounted.

Bulkhead Fitted and Bonded

After carefully cutting the bulkhead to shape using the accurate but time consuming cardboard templates, the bulkhead has been bonded into position.

The join between the two halves has been perfectly aligned and with the carbon weave pattern seamlessly mated in preparation for the heat shielding to be applied to the engine bay side.

Bulkhead cut to shape

The Bulkhead has been cut and positioned ready for final fit and bonding with the seats positioned to enable the Dash Board design to progress.