FIA Bag Tank

The standard Exige/Elise uses a 40L steel tank that uncomfortably resides within a much larger space behind the cabin.  For N2 to be FIA compliant as well as competitive in endurance races, a much larger capacity of fuel needs to be carried in an approved fuel cell.

Following the removal of the original tank, a new Lotus Sport bag tank to FIA standards was ordered (made by ATL).  The new fully homologated FT3 standard ‘Fuel cell’ neatly fits every available space that the Lotus chassis has to offer.  Construed from a flexible fuel resistant (of course!) ballistic membrane and filled with foam baffling, the cars endurance potential is stretched with an impressive new 70L capacity.  The installation process requires several sharp edges, notches, rivets and holes had to be smoothed and prepared ready to accept the bag tank.

In order to fill this impressive new capacity with fuel, N2 will need to employ a high-flow dry-break system.  The standard holes in the tank bulkhead must be increased in order to accept the large diameter fuelling hoses and associated roll-over valves and breathers.  Working with accurately drawn templates, the tank bulkhead has been cut and all the edges de-burred allowing up to 2.5L a second to be dumped into the cars now mammoth belly.

With the tank closely matching the chassis’ form; it’s no simple task to fit and requires the efforts of a team to squeeze it into its final position, saving just over 4KG on the standard steel tank.

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