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Here’s a couple of pics of our one-off flywheel, weighing in at 2.1kg.  It is made in one-piece with integrated ring gear teeth and is designed to take a twin-plate 5.5″ race clutch.  Using a super-light flywheel helps the engine speed up more easily during downchanges.  Not only is it super-light, it has a very low moment of inertia which means the majority of the weight is concentrated in the centre, the reason for wanting to use a small clutch.  When the weight is at the outer edge (or a larger diameter clutch is used), the flywheel assembly will not want to change speed quickly.  This kind of very light flywheel with small diameter clutch will really have a benefit when combined with the paddle shift change sequential box.


Well here are the pics of the engine dressed with the rest of the TVS supercharger parts, just waiting for the crate to arrive and then it’s on its way to Nitron.  The engine is pictured at Simply Sportscars in Sydney Australia, note the unique SSC outlet casting from the top exit of the TVS supercharger, providing much better flow characteristics than the usual Lotus 2-part item fitted the original Exige S supercharger.

We are really excited to be receiving it soon, we can then start the installation into the back of the car which means lots of plumbing and wiring, the installation will be full race to the very highest standards so expect to see lots of aluminium tubes, Wiggins clamps, Kevlar hoses etc.

This engine mated to the Sadev sequential gearbox really will be a perfect match and take some beating!  We will be chasing the shipping company daily once it has left!