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Drive Transfer Shafts Made

We have designed custom specification differential output shafts and a transfer shaft to suit our engine and gearbox installation.  These shafts arrived with the gearbox and were made by Sadev in France.  Bolting onto these will be GKN tripode joints and custom length driveshafts.

Air Jacks Fitted

In the run up to the Lotus Festival, we completed the installation of our Air Jack System using ultralight weight Goodridge Kevlar hose and swaged alloy swivel fittings.

The airjacks are Staubli jacks manufactured by Krontec.  We are using the lighter weight 50mm jacks, all that is required for the lightweight Lotus.  We have one centrally mounted in the front of the car, with the other two on the outer sides of the rear chassis legs that extend back into the engine bay.  We designed the mounts ourselves and had them fabricated to our designs by Bob Hall, who runs Concept Racing.  He did a beautiful job (as you can see), making them even lighter than our original designs.  They were bonded in and riveted using Plexus MA 420 Black Structural Epoxy Adhesive; the mounts are now in permanently and can’t be removed.

We then plumbed the system with Goodridge’s top of the line Kevlar ultralight hose system, with swaged alloy fittings not only do they look great but they also weigh almost nothing.  We went to a lot of trouble to get all the fitting angles and orientation correct, although a painstaking job to do, it will pay dividends later when we are endurance racing.

The system is finished off with a qucik release fill and dump valve at the bottom of the screen, this will allow the driver to see the system being activated, and will also keep the lance man clear of the doors and the fuel fill areas of the car.

Sadev Gearbox Has Arrived…

Our Sadev ST-90 has arrived

Dry Sump Kit Has Arrived…

Our new prototype dry sump kit that we are fitting to our Neil Trama built 1.8L Toyota 2ZZ-GE engine has finally arrived (after a very long wait), so this is being express shipped to Neil so he can finish our engine and get it on the dyno.  The 3 stage pump is belt driven by a new pulley added to the front crank pulley, two of the stages vacuum the oil from the new low profile sump pan, these are joined together inside the pump itself and then pumped out to the cooler (which will be a Laminova in our case) and then into the top of the tank (where it is de-aerated), which we will custom build to suit the install.  The third stage sucks the cooled oil from the bottom of the tank and then pumps it into the filter via a specially machined block between the filter and the engine block itself.  This block also houses the digital solid state MoTeC pressure sender.  We will be designing and building all our own oil lines, tank, cooler set-up etc. as this is such a unique car.  But with this system the engine can be run lower, the block will run at a lower than atmospheric pressure which will pressure balance the engine internally helping the head drain it’s oil better, and ultimately produce more horspower.  Having a continual positive pressure feed of oil will also enable us to corner harder for longer without the risk of oil surge.

Lotus Festival

The Lotus Festival at Snetterton Circuit was a great success, with lots of interest in our Project N2 and new Lotus upgrade parts – if fact we sold a few complete sets of parts to overseas show visitors, so expect to see some more Nitron kitted Lotus’ hitting the tracks and blogs soon…

It was however a very cold and windy weekend, the racing was very intense and there were lots of visitors with the Lotus F1 car running at the track on Sunday.  Some serious drums of water were needed to keep the awning from joining the other one that was blown onto the track on Saturday!